Kubir 4 rover received ‘National Service Award’

Kubir 4 rover received ‘National Service Award’

Four Rovers of Comilla University (CUBI) Rover Scout Group received the ‘National Service Award’ for the first time. Two unit leaders were also nominated for the ‘National Certificate Award’.

Monday (June 3) Comilla University rover scout group senior rovermate. Tofazzal Hossain confirmed the matter to the media.

It is known that they have been nominated for the ‘National Service Award’ of Bangladesh Scouts in recognition of their contribution to rover scouting activities. The awardees are former senior rover mate Mahmudul Islam, girl-in senior rover mate Subah Yasmin Bonya, rover mate Saidul Hasan Sifat and assistant rover mate Saidul Alam.

Besides, the nominees for the ‘National Certificate Award’ are Associate Professor of Public Administration Department of Comilla University and editor of Cubby Rover Scout Group. Zia Uddin and associate professor of the same department and Girlin unit leader Dr. Jannatul Ferdous.

Group editor Md. Zia Uddin said that Rovers are ready to serve the welfare of the country and people in any situation. They are constantly working tirelessly. In recognition of their work, Bangladesh Scouts has given the National Service Award like every year. It is a matter of great joy and pride for us that 4 rowers have achieved this award for the first time in Comilla University. Hopefully, our streak of achievements will continue. Other rovers will also be inspired.’

It is to be noted that Bangladesh Scouts gives the National Service Award every year in recognition of brave and honorable service by sacrificing themselves for human welfare through the Scout movement in floods, floods, storms, emergency rescue, collection and distribution of relief materials, etc.