Israel is shocked to see the arsenal of Hamas

Israel is suffering the tragic consequences of taking Hamas lightly. After recently taking control of the Philadelphia Corridor on the border between Gaza and Egypt, Israel’s eyes have turned to seeing a Hamas arsenal. The big question now is how long Netanyahu’s army will be able to maintain their morale in front of such an arsenal of fighters.

According to a report of the Israeli media Jerusalem Post, the Israeli army officials think that the organization can fight for many more days with the weapons in the hands of Hamas. The Al Qassam Brigades has built up a huge stockpile of weapons over the decades. As a result, even if the Philadelphia corridor is closed, Hamas will use weapons stored elsewhere.

After the capture of the Philadelphia Corridor, Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said as many as twenty tunnels had been found there that Hamas used as secret hideouts to receive weapons shipments. Freedom fighters used these tunnels to smuggle weapons from Egypt, although Egypt has denied such claims.

According to Israeli media reports, Hamas tunnels and weapons caches are so extensive that it is almost impossible for Israeli forces to find them. Even after Israeli forces destroy all Hamas battalions, the organization has the potential to become more deadly. The Al Qassam Brigades resistance attacks in Gaza bear witness to that reality.

Middle East peace experts say Hamas never shows its full potential. Shakra waits for a long time for the right time to attack. Also during special operations they use their best weapons. Hamas has no shortage of weapons. There are still many areas of Gaza that Israeli forces have not been able to enter. There are also large caches of weapons in those places.

Western experts have said that Hamas has also trained in weapons production for a long time. Several types of weapons can now be manufactured by Hamas itself. As a result, the organization will not lack weapons. Also, the picture of how many rockets and mortars Hamas has is not clear. Israel will be able to continue the war with only imagination, but if the war is prolonged, Hamas will win in the end.