154 schools ready to start class VIII, 1 thousand more in 3 years

Overcoming indecision, the government is again active in raising primary education to class VIII. At present, 154 more primary schools in the country are ready to start class VIII and in the next three years, another thousand schools have the infrastructure to start up to class VIII, said Farid Ahmed, secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

The secretary gave this information in response to questions at a press conference organized on the occasion of the Primary Education Medal and National Primary Education Week at the Secretariat on Tuesday (June 25).

When asked about the progress of starting eighth grade in primary schools, the Secretary of Primary and Mass Education said that the education policy of 2010 states that primary education will be up to eighth grade. It will be phased. It is actually a matter of coordination with the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. Here the Ministry of Education plays an important role in policy making. Based on their decision, we have introduced class VIII in 695 schools. We launched more than seven hundred. Never included new schools due to indecisiveness.

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    Education up to class VIII is unpaid

He said, recently, in the high level coordination meeting of the Ministry of Education, it was again decided to increase the primary education up to the eighth standard and make it 100% free. We have calculated that out of 65,566 primary schools, around 5,000 schools can open up to 8th standard and 23,000 secondary schools have lower secondary or secondary schools, if they can make them unpaid up to 8th standard, then this decision of the government can be fully implemented. .

Farid Ahmed said there are three challenges to do this – infrastructure, recruitment and creation of posts and their training. Because we train our teachers till class V.

“According to the data that we have received from the field level, if the Ministry of Education wants, we can introduce eighth grade in 154 more schools right now. Besides, there is infrastructure to open 1000 more schools up to class VIII in the next three years. It is a continuous and policy-making process.’

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    The government wants to increase the number of schools up to class VIII

When asked when the eighth standard will be fully introduced in all schools, the secretary said, it is a continuous process. There are many factors involved in this. There are issues of infrastructure, recruitment and creation of posts and training of teachers. We have started these works. I am working with a target for the next three years.

He further said, we are going towards ‘Smart Primary Education Development Program-5’. We have also given importance to the issue, so that the infrastructure facilities can be increased, the posts of sixth-seventh-eighth teachers and staff can be created and trained. This work will be accelerated once our work on PDP-5 starts.