1800 people of the village died in one night

Everything in this village was normal like other ten days. At the end of the day, everyone in the village ate and fell asleep. But in the morning, more than half of the people in the village did not wake up. Not only village people but also animals are dying everywhere. Such was the case in the village of Lower Nyos in Africa.

21 August 1986. About 1800 people and 3000 cattle dead bodies were recovered from that village. The population of the village was halved overnight. The administration has to struggle to find out why so many people of the village died together in one night.

Rumors spread at the time that 1,800 people in that African village had died due to a secret government agency, invisible weapons or a surprise attack by aliens. But there was another reason behind the death of so many people in Lower Nyos village together.

There are many mysteries in the world. Most of which people have not yet penetrated. There are many such incidents that have not been found, and have only been hypothesized after long research. But the exact reason could not be found out in most cases.

Likewise, after conducting a long research, the scientists informed that 1800 people of the village died because of a lake next to the village of Lower Nyos. Three thousand cattle of the village also died. The people of the village of Lower Nyos did not know that there was a dormant volcano at the bottom of Lake Nyos.

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Lake Nyos is located near Cameroon Volcano. A volcanic range extends from the Gulf of Guinea to Cameroon and Nigeria for a distance of one and a half thousand kilometers. The origin of this volcano is not yet understood. It is believed that a rift began to form during the separation of Africa from South America about 15 million years ago. That is the origin of this volcano.

At present, the only active volcano in that volcano is Mount Cameroon. A large lava chamber still exists 80 km below the volcano. Large volumes of gas are occasionally emitted from lava chambers. If a lake or wetland forms naturally on the face of a volcano that has been dormant for a long time, then the gas flows along that lake or wetland. Those lakes formed on the mouth of the volcano are called ‘Mar Lakes’.

There are a total of 30 such lakes around the volcano. One of which is Neos. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Nyos is more than 650 feet deep. Gases such as sulfur and carbon dioxide from the lava chambers are concentrated at the bottom of the lakes. A warm water layer naturally forms on the surface of such lakes to trap the gases at the bottom.

Scientists claim that on the night that disaster occurred in the village of Lower Nyos, the security ring above Lake Nyos somehow broke. Clouds of toxic gas escape through the warm water cover. Locals claim that a loud noise was heard around Lake Nyos just before the disaster. After which a thick cloud of poisonous carbon-dioxide rises from the bottom of the water. The toxic cloud layer rose up to 160 feet above Lake Nyos. Due to the density of that cloud being higher than normal air, it could not rise far above the surface.

Many villagers and livestock died in their sleep due to poisonous gas. Some survivors of the disaster reported smelling sulfur in the darkness of the night.

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Source: Britannica, National Institutes of Health