2 youths arrested while meeting the minister of religion with a toy pistol

Two youths named Tanveer Ahmed Tapu (26) and Nihal Ahmed Lalat (25) were arrested while meeting the Minister of Religion Faridul Haque Khan with a toy pistol.

Islampur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Suman Talukder confirmed this information on Monday (July 8) morning. Earlier on Sunday (July 7) night, the incident took place at the Zilla Parishad Dak bungalow in Islampur city.

The OC said that the detainees were previously known to the Minister of Religion. Before this, they have been seen at various ministerial events. Yesterday, while going out to meet, people saw the pistol in their waist and informed the police. Later the police went and arrested them and took them to the police station. The pistol in the waist is a toy pistol.

He also said that the two have been interrogated. It seems to us that they did not go to meet the Minister of Religion for any ulterior motive.

Md. Nasim Uddin/ZH/GKS