20,000 people are stuck in water in Sherpur, suffering from food and cooking

In Sherpur, 20,000 people have been trapped in water due to floods caused by landslides. After two consecutive days, the water of four rivers flowed below the borderline, but the suffering of the people in the lower areas did not decrease. They are in trouble with food and livestock.

According to the Water Development Board, rainfall has decreased in Sherpur but increased upstream. That is why the water of the river has not started to decrease yet. The flood situation may further worsen if the rains continue upstream.

Even though water has been blocked for four days, government assistance has not yet reached many areas. Cooking is not possible as the stove is submerged in water. Dry food is the only hope. There is a shortage of fresh water. Locals are afraid of waterborne diseases.

20,000 people are stuck in water in Sherpur, suffering from food and cooking

It has been seen on the ground that the suffering of water-logged people has reached the peak in 20 villages including Kalinagar, Dariyar Par, Kanduli, Chenguria and at least 10 villages of Nalitabari upazila. Children and the elderly are suffering the most. They are also in trouble with cattle and poultry.

So far they have to rely on chips and dry food due to lack of government support. People in waterlogged areas are unable to go to work due to submergence of rural unpaved roads. At least 10 government primary schools have suspended classes due to ingress of water. As there is no guidance, candidates are participating in the HSC examination in distress.

Naeem Siddiqui of Darikalinagar area of ​​Jhenaigati upazila said, ‘Water has risen in our house. The road connecting with the headquarters has sunk. Still have to go for the exam. However, preparations were not good due to floods. If the flood lasts for a long time, it is necessary to give instructions with tests.’

20,000 people are stuck in water in Sherpur, suffering from food and cooking

A school teacher from Bagervita area, who did not wish to be named, said, ‘The attendance of students in the school is very low. In the meantime, our half-yearly exams are going on.’

Ahmed Nagar High School teacher Aminul Islam said, ‘Water has entered the school grounds. That’s why student attendance is very low.

Morjina Begum is a resident of Dariya Par area. Water in his yard for three days. He said, ‘I can’t cook because there is water in the stove. I’m having a hard time with the kids. So far no Member-Chairman has come to see us. We are in great danger. The last thing in the house.’

20,000 people are stuck in water in Sherpur, suffering from food and cooking

Achia Khatun of Kanduli area said, ’10 people are living in one house with cows and goats. I am in great danger. We have not received any help from the government yet. If this situation continues for a few more days, we will be in great danger.’

Naqibuzzaman Khan, executive engineer of Sherpur Water Development Board, said, “We have already started work in the river breach areas. But repairing the broken part will reduce the suffering a little.

Jhenaigati Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Ashraful Alam Russel said that the work of delivering government assistance to the people of water-affected and affected areas has started. Hopefully, these assistances will reach as soon as possible.

Imran Hasan Rabbi/SR/ASM