227 kinds of mangoes got on a boat!

A fair with 227 varieties of mangoes was held on a boat in Chapainawabganj. Deputy Commissioner AKM Ghaliv Khan inaugurated the fair on Tuesday (June 11) afternoon at the collectorate square of the city. A discussion meeting was held later.

227 varieties of mangoes are arranged in a boat at the fair. Mango gardeners and visitors flocked to see such a scene.

At the fair, a local mango trader named Anarul said that Chapainawabganj mangoes were the best I knew. But I did not know that there are so many varieties of mango. I came to know today.

A visitor named Ali Hasan said, I have heard that there is a mango fair. But never seen before. So I came to see. So many types of mangoes have never been seen together. I saw today.

227 kinds of mangoes got on a boat!

The general secretary of the association, Munjer Alam Manik, said that there are more than 300 varieties of mangoes in Chapainawabganj. Almost all of these mangoes are delicious.

But at the moment not all trees have mangoes, so this fair has started with 227 varieties of mangoes. In the future we will organize such fairs with more varieties of mangoes.

Palash Sarkar, Deputy Director of Chapainawabganj District Agriculture Extension Department, said that the export of mangoes from this district has increased for several years. This brought some relief to the farmers. Hopefully more mangoes will be exported abroad this time. It will strengthen the economy of the district. The farmer will be self-sufficient. We are trying that.

227 names and names of mangoes including Bogla Guti, Gaurmati, Ranipchand, Mallika, Katiman, Motichur, Rajguti, Swarti, Sandy, Khirshapat, Sinduri are exhibited in the fair. In this fair, entrepreneurs are selling various types of food made from mangoes in 17 stalls.

227 kinds of mangoes got on a boat!

The fair is organized by the Directorate of Agriculture Extension under the Exportable Mango Production Scheme.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Mahbub-ul-Islam, District Agriculture Extension Directorate Training Officer Md. Atiqul Islam, Additional Deputy Director (Cereals) KM Kawshar Hossain, Chapainawabganj Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer Sanjay Kumar Sarkar and others.

Sohan Mahmood/FA/ASM