3 and 15 days internet package is starting again

The then Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mustafa Jabbar, decided to reduce the data package for the convenience of mobile internet users. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) implemented that decision in October last year.

Data packages are reduced to 40 instead of 95. It shows the opposite picture. Mobile internet users continue to decline. The income from the internet package, the mobile operators also collapsed.

According to operators, the most popular package among customers was the 3-day package. Stopping it reduces internet subscribers. This reduces their income. The mobile operators started demanding the introduction of 3 and 15 day packages to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Consumers also expressed dissatisfaction over the discontinuation of short-term internet packages. BTRC conducted a survey on this after expressing dissatisfaction from both operators and customers.

According to the survey, about 70 percent of internet users use a three-day data package. They again demanded to launch this package of 3 and 15 days.

This information was presented recently in a meeting of BTRC. State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak was present there. The state minister advised to arrange the package by giving importance to the demands of the customers. After that, BTRC started working to relaunch 3 and 15 days packages.

Junaid Ahmed Palak said in a recent meeting about cold drops at BTRC, I saw in the public hearing that small packages are more popular among customers. Prime Minister’s ICT Advisor Sajib Wazed Joy has also given directions in this regard. We have instructions to restart popular packages.

He said, BTRC will take action in this regard. A letter will be issued instructing the operators in this regard. Hope the customers will get back the small packages soon.

The operators have welcomed this decision of BTRC. Small packages are very popular with customers, they say. As these packages are discontinued, they have lost customers. If it is reopened, they believe that the number of customers will increase.

Shahed Alam, Chief Corporate and Regulatory Officer of Robi Aziata Limited, said that it is better for everyone if the service is provided according to the needs of the customers. In that case, not only three days, customer-centric packages can be provided as per the customer’s needs.

Mohammad Zulfikar, Secretary General of Telecom Operators’ Association Mtob, said, “We always want to provide customer-friendly services.” All operators will re-introduce the small packages and offer them to consumers after receiving official instructions from BTRC in this regard.