3 farmers were bitten by snakes in one day in Shivchar

Three farmers were bitten by snakes on the same day at Shivchar in Madaripur. Two of them are admitted in Shivchar Upazila Health Complex. Another has been sent to Dhaka.

The three were bitten by snakes on separate occasions on Saturday (July 6).

According to local sources, Lokman Khan (52) of Char Bachamara village of Dattapara union of the upazila was working in the almond field next to his house. A snake bit his hand while he was picking up scissors from under a branch in the field. The family immediately took him to the Upazila Health Complex. After an examination, the emergency department doctor confirmed that he had been bitten by a poisonous snake. Doctors decided to give him antivenom. But when the patient’s relatives were asked to sign the permission form, they expressed their inability to give it. For this reason, according to the decision of the patient’s relatives, he was referred to Dhaka.

On the same day at noon, Shahabuddin Howladar (40) of Khanrakandi village of Madbarchar union of the upazila was extracting straw for the cows from the haystack. Meanwhile, he was bitten by a snake. The family members rescued them and quickly admitted them to the Shivchar Upazila Health Complex.

Locals also said that in the morning Muslim Kazi (75) of Khaschar Bachamara village of Sannasirchar union of the upazila was washing jute in the canal water near his house. Meanwhile, he was bitten by a snake. Family members including his son came forward on his screams. Later he was admitted to Shivchar Upazila Health Complex.

Shibchar Upazila Health Complex Medical Officer Dr. Farzana Sultana said that three snake bite injured patients came to the hospital on Saturday. We checked that both were not bitten by venomous snakes. So they did not need to give antivenom. But they are kept under close observation. Another was bitten by a poisonous snake. He has been referred to Dhaka.

Ayesha Siddiqa Akashi/SR/GKS