30 arrested with cannabis in Chittagong University

Proctoral body arrested about 30 students along with ganja by raiding Chittagong University (CHB) campus. Among them 7-8 are university students, the rest are outsiders.

The proctorial body conducted the day-long operation on Saturday (July 6) as part of regular patrolling. Besides recovery of ganja, motorcycle and car keys, ID cards were seized from outsiders.

Assistant proctor of the university confirmed the matter to Jago News at night. Lytton Mitra.

According to sources, based on secret information, it is known that there are regular drug hangouts at various places including the biological pond bank, sociology shack, open stage, botanical pond bank and Atish Dipankar Hall area of ​​the campus. On the basis of such news, the proctorial body conducted a secret operation. A total of 13 people were arrested while consuming ganja. Out of these 4 are students of Chabir, the rest are outsiders. Besides, 15-20 foreign motorcycles were seized.

A few days ago, the administration banned outsiders from entering the university without permission.

If asked, the assistant proctor of the university. Liton Mitra said, we regularly conduct such operations to maintain order in the university. After getting to know through secret information, we arrested about 8-10 groups of drug users from different parts of the university. During this time, we seized drugs from around 30 students and outsiders of the campus.

He also said that students found in possession of marijuana will be subject to academic sanctions. And the police will take action against those outsiders.

Ahmed Junaid/FA/MS