31 percent of the country’s youth want to migrate abroad

Young people want to be economically independent after completing higher education. Want a dignified workplace. In this case, students are more interested in government jobs including BCS. Although such information has been known for a long time, it has changed. Now, more than government jobs including BCS, higher education educated youths are more interested in migrating abroad.

Students studying in both public and private universities of the country go abroad with scholarships at the very beginning of their career thinking. This information has come from a survey of private development organization Anchal Foundation. The organization conducted this survey on the mental health of 1,570 students of various universities in the country.

According to the survey data, 31.7 percent of the participating university students want to go abroad for higher education, work and residency. 29.7 percent students want BCS cadre or good government job as a career from the country.

9.5 percent of university students dream of becoming a business or entrepreneur. And only 7.1 percent students want to do private jobs. The rest are yet to decide on a career.

Farzana Akhtar Labani, Coordinator of Researches and Analysis Unit of Anchal Foundation said, “We got surprising information during the survey. At other times students show more interest in BCS cadre and government jobs. Now that has changed a lot. Students studying in the university are giving more priority to moving abroad than to work in the country after graduation or post-graduation.

He said that it was understood by talking to the students during the survey that they are showing more interest in leaving the country and moving abroad for economic and safe living. In this case, some other factors also seem to be working between them. One of them is the fierce competition in the job market in the country and the uncertainty of getting a job.

Professor Kamal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Dhaka, Obaidullah Al Marzooq, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Independent University, Abdullah Al Mamun, Project Manager of Community Based Mental Health Project ADD International, Tansen Rose, Founder and President of Anchal Foundation and others were involved in the press conference virtually.