5 crore bridge is being used for paddy-straw drying

A bridge was constructed at a cost of 5.5 million taka over the canal adjacent to Debraipech road in Jamalpur’s Islampur. As there is no connecting road on one side of the bridge, it is not useful for people’s movement. It is being used for drying paddy and hay of the farmers for the last one year.

Sources of Upazila Directorate of Engineering said that the Local Government Engineering Directorate (LGED) has invited tenders for the construction of a 96 meter long bridge over the canal from Pachabahla in Islampur Sadar to Debraipech road in Chinaduli Union. On March 22, 2020, the construction of the bridge started at a cost of 5 crore 65 lakh 3 thousand 202 taka. The work was completed on December 4, 2022. Later, without the connecting road, Religion Minister Faridul Haque Khan Dulal inaugurated the bridge on January 3, 2023.

It can be seen on the ground that there is a paved road on the east side of the bridge but not on the west side. So people are forced to walk on foot. Paddy and hay are scattered on the bridge. Some men and women are working on drying paddy and hay.

Ajgar Mia, Abdur Razzak and Karim of Pachabhala area said, ‘The bridge was built a year ago at the cost of billions of rupees. I hoped the suffering would ease. But instead of decreasing, the suffering of the people increased. Before the construction of the bridge it was necessary to construct the link road. About 30-40 thousand people of two upazilas are suffering due to lack of roads.

5 crore bridge is being used for paddy-straw drying

A housewife named Amena said, ‘The bridge has been neglected for a long time. Vehicles cannot travel due to lack of connecting roads. That is why the people of the area use it for threshing rice and drying hay.

Auto rickshaw driver Abul Kalam said that for the past one year there is a road on one side of the bridge but not on the other side. So the passengers have to be dropped on the bridge. In this, the passenger has to reach the specific destination with suffering.

Islampur Upazila Engineer Aminul Haque said that a project for road construction has been passed. The road work will be started at the earliest.

Jamalpur LGED Executive Engineer Ujjal Tripura said, the matter is under our attention. In the Jamalpur development project, a part of the road construction on one side of the bridge has been added. It is expected that the road work will start soon.

Nasim Uddin/SR/MS