5 signs to understand if your home’s Wi-Fi is hacked

Keeping home Wi-Fi safe from hackers is very difficult. Many people may not realize that hackers can also use home networks. As long as the Internet exists, cybercriminals will look for ways to steal private data.

This includes accessing bank details, private conversations, photos and other sensitive data. There are certain warning signs to determine if our Wi-Fi network system has somehow fallen into the hands of hackers. Watch out for these signs.

Slow down internet speed
If the internet connection drops suddenly, it is a sign that our home network has been hacked. It becomes even more suspicious when there is no problem with the internet provider or our device.

Unknown device or IP address
Some unknown devices are detected in our router. One reason for this could be that hackers are trying to access that router for sensitive information. To confirm, the list of connections should be reviewed by logging in with the device’s IP address.

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Sudden change of Wi-Fi password
Wi-Fi Password Changed Situations also occur when our router password is changed suddenly, without any reason. This is also a sign of hacking.

Unknown software on the device
Unknown software on devices Hackers can install malware on our devices to target routers and steal important information. If any such unusual software is found, it may indicate a hacking attack.

Browser hijacking
In this case hackers are able to log into the router and change its domain name system settings, they redirect all internet traffic through our router to a polluted DNS server, thereby blocking certain websites, stealing information and installing malware software.

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