If you want to reduce the cost of the kitchen, first of all try to reduce the cost of gas as much as possible. Cooking gas can be saved a lot if you know some home remedies. There are 5 such ways-

Cook on medium heat

Keep the flame on medium level while cooking. Cooking over high heat may cause the fire to spread around the pan. Gas is wasted as a result. So cook on medium flame.

Place the gas burner

Clean the gas burner regularly. The color of cooking gas flame should be blue. If you see a red, yellow or orange fire, you will understand that the gas is not coming out properly.

This happens when the burner is dirty. In this case, gas is also consumed more. So clean the burner by soaking a rag mixed with liquid soap in lukewarm water.

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Keep cooking utensils clean

If there is soot on the bottom of pots and pans, heat is wasted, gas is also consumed more. Also make sure that the gas container is dry.

Cover and cook

Try cooking using a lid. It saves a lot of gas. Also use a pressure cooker as much as possible instead of a normal vessel. Gas wastage will be less.

Keep cooking utensils close at hand

Prepare all the ingredients before cooking. If you keep everything from preparing spices to chopping vegetables at hand in advance, both time and gas will be saved.

Source: Times of India