50 for absence from school, Rs. 100 for truancy

The authorities of Girish-Akshay Academy (GA Academy) in Feni have issued a notice of 50 rupees fine for absenteeism, 100 rupees fine for truancy and compulsory leave for three days of absence. There is anger and dissatisfaction among students and parents.

On Thursday (July 4), the school’s principal said. This was announced in a circular signed by Tajul Islam.

Several students and parents of the school said that there is no provision to collect fines if absent from school. Apart from this, no other educational institution in Feni collects such fines.

A parent named Mosharraf Hossain said that the authorities will be strict for the absence which is positive. Therefore, such a decision is not desirable at all. It will have a psychological impact on young students.

50 for absence from school, Rs. 100 for truancy

In this regard, the head teacher of the school. Tajul Islam Chowdhury said, this rule has been introduced by the decision of the board of directors to ensure 100% attendance, good results and maintain discipline. A fine will be levied if a student is absent from class without informing the institution. If the student is absent for three consecutive days, the student will be excused without assigning any reason.

When asked whether there is any provision for such a decision for absence, he said that the board of directors can take such a decision to maintain order. It has been implemented since publication of the notification.

District Education Officer Shafi Ullah said that there is no provision to collect fines from students or issue clearances due to absence. Fines may be levied for disciplinary purposes. However, there is no opportunity to do such a notification. Necessary action will be taken after inquiry.

Abdullah Al-Mamun/RH/ASM