507 crore spent abroad on credit cards in April

Bangladeshis spent Tk 507 crore in April by buying various services and products on credit cards outside the country. He had spent 503 crore 50 lakh rupees in the previous month of March. As compared to March, credit card spending outside the country increased by Tk 3 crore 40 lakh in April. And in the same month (April) foreigners have transacted Tk 200 crores in Bangladesh. This information is known from the latest report of Bangladesh Bank.

A Bangladeshi citizen can spend foreign exchange equivalent to 12 thousand dollars every year while going abroad. You can spend this amount through card. If you want to make a dollar payment through the card, you can spend up to 300 dollars at a time. With it, you can take cash dollars while going abroad.

Bangladesh Bank’s updated information regarding credit card transactions says that in April this year, Bangladeshis spent Tk 507 crore on credit cards outside the country. Some countries spend the most money. These include India, America, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. 50 percent of credit card spending is done in these four countries.

Every month Bangladeshis go to India for travel and medical treatment. Bangladeshi travel has also increased in recent times. Bangladeshis are spending most of their money in the neighboring country through credit cards. In the month of April, Bangladeshis spent Tk 97.9 million using credit cards in the country. Which is 19.31 percent of the total cost outside the country.

In the month under discussion, Bangladeshis spent Tk 66.5 million in the United States, which is 13.12 percent of the total expenditure. After that, Bangladeshis spent Tk 466 million in Thailand, Tk 404 million in UAE, Tk 370 million in Saudi Arabia, Tk 357 million in Singapore, Tk 318 million in UK and Tk 25 million in Canada.