56 injured by dog ​​bites in 6 days, not all hospitals have vaccine

The production of dogs has increased in Chuadanga. Locals including students, children, pedestrians are being attacked by dogs. In the last six days, 56 people have been treated for dog bite injuries.

According to the hospital sources, there is enough anti-rabies vaccine in Sadar Hospital but not in the three upazila health complexes of the district. Compelled by this, patients from far and wide are coming to Sadar Hospital to take the vaccine.

The victims said that the production of dogs has increased in different upazilas. Men and women including children are getting injured in the attack of these dogs. Driving on the road is particularly difficult at night. A group of dogs are chasing.

Vijay Aryan, a resident of Sumiyadia area of ​​Chuadanga Municipality said, ‘Six people, including children, have been injured by mad dogs in our area in the last four days. It bites whoever it finds. If someone passes by, they are coming.’

Chuadanga Mayor Jahangir Alam Malik said, according to the law, dogs are not allowed to be killed. But as the population of dogs has increased in the city, everyone needs to be aware.

Dr. Civil Surgeon. Sajjat ​​Hasan said Sadar Hospital has enough anti-rabies vaccine. Instructions will be given to other upazilas to keep stock of vaccine.

Chuadanga district administration Dr. Kissinger Chakma said, dogs cannot be killed at will. There are some legal restrictions. As much as possible within the rules will be done. Measures will be taken to ensure that hospitals have sufficient anti-rabies vaccine.

Hussain Malik/SR/GKS