60 injured by dog ​​bites in Manikganj

At least 60 people, including women and children, were injured by dog ​​bites in Manikganj. They were bitten by dogs in different areas of the municipality on Sunday (July 7) from morning to noon. Since this incident, there is fear of dogs in the area.

Mohammad Bahauddin, supervisor of Manikganj Sadar Hospital, said that most of the injured are residents of West Seota, North Seota, West Dashra and Beutha areas of the municipal area.

According to hospital, patients and relatives, a dog bit a person’s leg in West Seota area in the morning. The dog then became reckless as the locals chased it to kill it. He starts biting whoever he finds around him. In this way, at least 40 people were bitten in a span of four to five hours. Besides, 20 people were injured in several other dog bites in West Dashra and Beutha areas.

Zilla Sadar Hospital Senior Staff Nurse. Saiful Islam said that people of different ages including children and women are among those injured by dog ​​bites. Most have injuries below the knee. Some also have bite marks on their hands.

Yusuf Ali of West Seota village said that on the way from home to Manikganj bus stand at noon, a black dog suddenly bit his right leg. Later, when the locals chased the dog, it bit others.

Abul Kalam Azad, Ward Councilor No. 1 of Manikganj Municipality, said that such a large number of people were bitten by dogs in one day. Some have been seriously injured by dog ​​bites.

The supervisor of the hospital, Mohammad Bahauddin, said that patients injured by dog ​​and cat bites were vaccinated against rabies in the hospital. There is no vaccine shortage in the hospital.

BM Khorshed/RH/GKS