71 lakh 71 thousand 832 videos moved from Bangladesh Tik Tok

Recently, TikTok published the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the first quarter of 2024. The report highlights new data points and trends for this quarter. It highlights the importance of ensuring a safe environment for TikTok’s global community.

In 2024, TikTok removed a total of 16.69 million 97 thousand 307 videos worldwide, which is about 0.9 percent of all videos uploaded to the platform. Of these, 12 crore 93 lakh 35 thousand 793 videos were identified and removed through automatic detection technology. On the other hand, 60 lakh 42 thousand 287 videos have been verified and put back on the platform.

In an effort to increase transparency, TikTok has for the first time disclosed the number of comments removed and filtered through the use of comment safety tools. TikTok’s comment safety tools removed and filtered 97.64 million 79,946 comments in 3 months, which is 1.6 percent of all comments posted. Additionally, platform creators have filtered or removed 338,164,646,720 comments using these tools. This highlights TikTok’s proactive efforts to maintain platform community standards.

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Meanwhile, in Bangladesh in the first quarter of 2024, TikTok removed 71 lakh 71 thousand 832 videos due to violation of community guidelines. Whereas the active removal rate was 99.4 percent and 94.0 percent of these videos were removed within 24 hours of posting a video. Apart from this, TikTok removed the account to ensure the safety of young people. Under this, a total of 2 crore 16 lakh 39 thousand 414 accounts have been removed around the world on suspicion of being users under the age of 13.

Innovative technology and staff are coordinated to identify, assess and take action against content that violates TikTok’s Community Guidelines. The Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, published periodically by TikTok, provides detailed information about the amount and type of content and accounts on the platform. These reports highlight TikTok’s commitment and importance to transparency.