78 lakh rupees embezzled by showing the greed of dollars filled with luggage

Chittagong Airport’s Civil Aviation Customs Officer was called. The victim was then informed that a luggage had arrived in his name. That contains many dollars. And to release these dollars, money is needed. And this is how the victim fell into the trap of fraud. The gang stole 78 lakhs from him in different ways.

One of the members of the circle from Motijheel in the capital. Sohag Sheikh (24) was arrested by Barisal Metropolitan Police.

Meanwhile, 86 debit cards of 35 banks, 151 bank check sheets, four mobile phones and eight SIM cards were recovered from him.

According to the police, the arrested Sohag Sheikh Shariatpur district of Naria police station, Panchgao village of Kedarpur union. Son of Jabbar Sheikh. There are several cases against him in different police stations of the country including Dhaka’s Khilgaon police station.

78 lakh rupees embezzled by showing the greed of dollars filled with luggage

Barisal Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) in a press conference on Sunday (July 7) morning. Ali Ashraf Bhuya said that on November 19, 2023, retired private employee Ratneshwar Majhi (65) received a call on his mobile phone. The caller identified himself as Khairun Necha. At the same time, the Civil Aviation Customs Officer of Chittagong Airport introduced himself. At that time, he told Ratneshwar Majhi that a person named ‘Elizabeth Aris’ had sent the luggage in his name. That includes a huge amount of dollars. It will take money to clear these dollars from customs.

Later, Ratneshwar Majhi sent a total of Tk 77 lakh 90 thousand to the accounts of Asia, Pubali Bank, City Bank and various Bikash numbers. Even then, when he was told that more money would be needed to release the luggage, he realized that he had fallen into a fraud trap. After this incident, on December 25, Barisal filed a case at Kotyali Model Police Station in Metropolitan.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police also said that on July 4, a team of Kotyali Model Police Station and Cyber ​​Team of Barisal Metropolitan Police conducted a raid from Motijheel and found one of the members of the fraud ring. Sohag arrests Sheikh. He was later found to be a member of an organized dollar fraud ring during interrogation.

Shaun Khan/ZH/MS