A Bangladeshi youth was killed in a mine explosion on the Myanmar border

A Bangladeshi youth was killed in a landmine explosion while catching crabs at Laldiya pasture on the Myanmar border of Nafnadi. Two more people were injured in this incident.

Teknaf Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Muhammad Osman Gani confirmed that the incident took place on Sunday (July 7) in the Laldiya Char area on the Myanmar border of Nafnadi.

The deceased Md. Zubair (25) is the son of Abdul Hamid of Damdamiya village of Hnila Union Ward No. 9 of Teknaf Upazila.

The other injured in the explosion are Hnila Damdamiya village of Teknaf. Kamal Hossain’s son Shah Alam and Jadimura’s son Mestari of the same union. Sukkur

Quoting the victim’s family, the OC said that around 12 noon on Sunday, Zubair went to hunt crabs with his companions Shah Alam and Shukkur in the Char area of ​​Laldiya on the Myanmar border. At one stage of catching crabs, around 2:30 in the afternoon, he stepped on a buried mine and it exploded. In this, Zubair’s right leg flew from below the knee to the toe. Bruises occur in some parts of the left leg.

Shah Alam and Shukkur who were with him were also injured. Later Shah Alam and Md. When Shukkur rushed to his village in an injured state, his relatives rushed him to the hospital for treatment. However, Md. When Zubair did not come, his brother Mohammad Ayaz went to the spot and rescued him injured and brought him home where Zubair died.

The OC also said that Zubair’s body is currently in their house. Naval police will take legal action in this regard.

Syed Alamgir/FA/GKS