A Brazilian journalist called the match against Uruguay a ‘bullfight’

Watching the Copa America match between Brazil and Uruguay, a question has arisen repeatedly in everyone’s mind, how can there be so many fouls in a football match? Brazilians, like soccer fans, are outraged by such a game. The referee blows the foul whistle shortly after. And it was repeatedly disrupting the continuity of the game.

The referee whistled a total of 41 fouls in the entire match. Every time it looked like a big fight was going to happen. Such a situation has also arisen several times. It was later stopped by the referee’s agreement.

Brazilian journalists are disappointed after seeing such a quarter final. Famous journalist Renato Mauricio Prado called it a bullfight.

“We have a lot of respect for Bielsa (Uruguay coach Marcelo Realsa),” said Mauricio Prado. He is also the coach of many coaches. But today his thinking was completely straightforward. Kick the ball when you lose it with your boot. It was very dirty. He may talk a lot. He can bring about many timeless changes. But he could not do that in the field game. Today’s match was a bull fight.’

Another Brazilian journalist Milli Lacombe said, ‘We are very surprised. It was not a football match by any means. Especially from Uruguay. There were fouls everywhere. It is in Brazil or Uruguay. Watching the first half was eye poison.’

Famous journalist Rodrigo Matos said, “I find the behavior of Uruguay worse than Brazil.” We expected better performance from them. They lacked creativity in midfield from the start. With the passage of time, football is also lost. The whole match was bad.’