A bunch of couplets of Darus Salaam Masud


There is no animal more dangerous than man
If he is not satisfied, he kills himself.


Death is the only—
Standard exit of people.


To educated people—
Lifelong learning.


own suffering—
who won

the heart

The heart is a deep vessel;
Where great sorrows like the moon and the sun can be covered.

true lover

Even looking at the infinite sky
He sees nothing but the lover’s face!


Surviving by God’s mercy
Some claim to be self-sufficient!

the life

Life is an umbrella, if you can’t open it—
Suffering is like sun and rain.

A victim of nature

an animal—
One does not have to learn one’s own birth and death.

useful man

Whose birth is better than—
The formality of death is great.


Lamenting before the grave is an expression of sorrow
Praying is an expression of love.


People remember the blows of storms for ages
Forget the romantic rains.

ups and downs

Just after the overhead—
The sun is slowly going down.

the reality

The bird is not just for his confidence—
It can fly because it has wings.


People are prepared for you in two ways;
Opportunity to show respect and humiliation!

religion of life

The religion of life is—
to exhaust life.


In the world where there is no sorrow—
That family is sick somewhere.


The world is an old madhouse
Here all the crazy understand their own.