A day after the disappearance, the body of the woman was recovered from the snake’s stomach

An Indonesian woman’s body has been found inside the stomach of a giant snake, a day after she went missing. The incident took place in Persippan Lawela, Muna Island in the Sulawesi region of Indonesia.

According to the report of the Indian media NDTV, the 54-year-old woman named Wa Tiber went missing on Thursday (June 6) night. Later relatives and local residents started searching for him.

A snake the size of a python was spotted by people near the spot where Tiber went missing on Friday. Many people suspect that the woman was swallowed by the snake. Python is found.

Local police chief Hamka said that since the woman did not return from the garden on Thursday night, around a hundred people including family members started looking for her. The villagers suspected that the snake had swallowed the woman. So they killed it and brought it out of the garden. Later, when the stomach of the snake is cut, the dead body of Wa Tiber actually comes out.

Hamka also said that the villagers found the huge snake on Tiba’s shoes and other items. The snake had swallowed the woman’s head earlier, so except for the head, the rest of the body was intact.

It is known that the area from where Tiber disappeared is rocky and full of caves. Moreover, the place is also known as the habitat of various species of snakes. Pythons up to six meters in length can be found in the area.

Such giant pythons are found in Indonesia and the Philippines. They usually attack small animals. Cases of human death due to snake attacks of this species are rarely heard. However, in March last year, a farmer was killed by a python in the village of Salubiro in Sulawesi.

Source: NDTV