A gathering organized by civic cultural groups in Frankfurt

With the slogan ‘in search of new horizons and development of healthy culture’, the organization of expatriate Bangladeshis was formed in Frankfurt, Germany at the end of 2022.

Last Saturday in an auditorium in Frankfurt, this organization organized a meeting with expatriate Bangladeshis. A large number of expatriates from various professions participated in the event.


The general supervision of this gathering of expatriate Bangladeshis was the chief leader of the civic cultural group Abu Karim, Lipi Amjad, Safi Hossain, Saiful Islam Lyon, Popi, Delwar Hossain and other organization workers. The event was conducted by Sarmin Hossain.

Also present in the event were: Amjad Hossain, Advisor of the organization, Titu Hakim, Faisal Ahmed, Executive members Nahin Sarkar, Aman, Rubel, Yaghahari Mohammad, Abir, Boni, Samanti, Ismail and many others.


The leaders of the civic cultural group said that the organization is working to strengthen social bonds among expatriate Bangladeshis and increase the practice of healthy native culture. Abu Karim, the leader of the organization, said that various social activities will be conducted under the initiative of the organization.