A woman in front of Salman’s house demanding marriage

A female fan created a ruckus in front of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s house demanding his marriage. It is reported that the female fan was standing in front of Salman’s farmhouse in Panvel and kept shouting and calling him.

Salman has to come out of the house on the call of this female fan. And after shouting for a while, the people nearby informed the police. A few days ago, Mumbai police arrested four people in the shooting incident in front of Salman’s house and since then Salman Khan is under tight security at home.

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Another person was arrested by the police on June 1 in the shooting incident. Meanwhile, such an incident happened in front of Salman’s house. Some see it as a new conspiracy against Salaman.

According to various Indian media sources, a female fan of Salman Khan came in front of his farmhouse in Panvel and shouted that she wanted to marry the actor. This woman was calling Salman loudly. Hearing his screams, the neighbors and Salman’s farmhouse staff were forced to call the police.

Nearby people have videoed the entire incident. It is known from them that the female fan is only 24 years old. Shortly after the incident, Panvel taluk policemen arrested the woman fan and took her to the voluntary organization Social and Evangelical Association for Love (SEAL) for counselling.

Such incidents often happen with Bollywood stars. A few days ago, a fan of actor Kartik Aaryan started crying after seeing him at an event.

It is reported that the woman moved to Mumbai alone from Delhi with the sole intention of marrying Salman. His family members also became very worried. Earlier, the girl was admitted to MGM Hospital in Mumbai for psychiatric treatment.

Salman has a daily commute to this Panvel farmhouse in Maharashtra. A few days ago, the Navi Mumbai police said that terrorists had planned to blow up his car there. Even investigations recently revealed that firearms were smuggled into India from Pakistan to kill Salman.