Accumulated animal markets, complaints of excessive profit

Animal market has become crowded in Nilphamari ahead of Qurbani Eid. Domestic cows and goats in sufficient quantity have started to appear in these markets. The sale has begun. Wholesalers from different parts of the country come to the haats. Every animal market in the district is full of buyers and sellers.

This time in the district 41 places have been allowed to set up stalls for buying and selling of sacrificial animals. Among them there are 31 permanent and 10 temporary huts. Besides, animals are being bought and sold on six online platforms.

According to the sources of the District Livestock Office, the demand for animals this Eid is 1 lakh 43 thousand 109 against the demand for sacrificial animals, 1 lakh 33 thousand 92 animals are more. Which will play a helpful role in meeting the demand of sacrificial animals in different parts of the country. Two lakh 76 thousand 201 cattle are ready for sacrifice with 30 thousand 972 farmers and farmers of the district. Among them there are 75 thousand 833 cows, 33 buffaloes, 186 thousand 151 goats and 14 thousand 184 sheep. 29 medical teams are working for health examination in the sacrificial animal slaughterhouses.

However, Nilphamari’s cattle haats have been seen charging extra cash. Complaints have been received in the slaughterhouses of sacrificial animals for collecting excess tolls without complying with the government rules. Not only that, even if the receipt is given in some market, the receipt writers employed by the lessee do not mention the amount of the proceeds.

A cattle seller named Safiqul Islam said that the price of cattle seems to be lower this time compared to last time. Buyers are coming to the market. But they are leaving after asking the price. This year, many buyers are checking the price of animals in the market. Many people have come to the market to buy animals. But many are buying.

A cow dealer named Mamun said, I bought 15 cows today at Basunia market. The price of cattle is very high. Receipts are worth more. A receipt of 1000 taka was made to the buyer and seller of each cow.

Abdur Rahman, a buyer who came to the animal market, said that most of the cows and goats that have started coming to the current market are reared locally. Today, the price of cows did not match. I will buy it at the next market.

A local named Sahidul said that he brought eight cows to the market. He sold three of these cows. As Qorbani still has a lot of time left, buyers are bargaining. The amount of sales in the front market will increase.

Zamirbari village of Sonaray in Domar upazila. Jamiar Rahman said, I brought 10 cows to Basunia market today. Seven have already been sold. However, due to the increase in the price of cow feed, our production cost has increased more than before. However, the demand for cows in the market is good.

Accumulated animal markets, complaints of excessive profit

A trader named Sharif, who came to buy cattle from Chittagong, said that he has been buying cattle and loading the truck and sending them to Chittagong for a few days. This time the price of cattle seems to be high. Still buying. As for those of us who come from outside for business in Nilphamari, there are no facilities in the markets. The receipt price of cows is high here. It is no use to you.

Nilphamari Superintendent of Police. PPM (Services) Golam Sabur told Jago News that a temporary police camp will be kept at Pasurhat. There are also machines to detect fake notes. The amount of the animal slaughtered for sacrifice should be written on the signboard. To avoid any kind of untoward situation, the police will be active along with the people of the Hat Committee. I will tell buyers and sellers not to eat anything offered by others in the market.

District Livestock Officer Dr. Sirajul Haque told Jago News that more than 276,000 animal farmers are rearing animals in the district. This year the demand is a little more than 1 lakh 43 thousand. Accordingly, more than 1 lakh 33 thousand animals will go to other districts. Veterinary medical team of Department of Livestock will be present at Pasurhat in Qorbani.

Mofakkhakharul Islam Swapan, the lessee of Basunia Hut, said that the toll of the hut has been decided after the meeting at the district level. You don’t need to talk about it. He cut the call saying that he saw earlier that he was taking a receipt of 1300 taka in cow market of Nilphamari.

Ibrahim Sujan/RH/MS