Actually we don’t play well in T20 format: Akram Khan

How far can Bangladesh go in the World Cup, what can they do? There is no end to thinking or discussing this. Cricket fans are watching the performance of Bangladesh. Maybe they have assumed that the Bangladesh team will not be able to do very well. Still, he’s optimistic. They want to hear hope from former cricketers, cricket gurus. Want to convince the mind that no, Bangladesh will not play badly in the World Cup.

But a series defeat to the USA before the World Cup ended all hopes. However, if the Bangladesh team can do well when the World Cup begins! The former captain of the national team, one of the senior directors of BCB, Akram Khan is expecting this.

Acknowledging the fact that Bangladesh cannot play well in T20, Akram Khan hopes that at least the Bangladesh team plays in such a way that it earns some respect from everyone. Akram hopes that he can take his place in T20, as he has managed to take himself to the level of a team to ‘go and catch’ in ODI.

History tells us that Akram Khan is a friend of danger since that ICC trophy. savior His match-winning innings against the Netherlands in the 1997 ICC Trophy is regarded as the stepping stone for Bangladesh, an associate member of the ICC, on the world stage.

In an exclusive interview with Jago News before the World Cup, Akram Khan said his expectations about the Bangladesh team. That interview is presented for the readers.

Jago News: What are your expectations for this year’s T20 World Cup?

Akram Khan: It feels bad to hear, but still to say – actually we don’t play well in T20 format. So my expectation in T20 World Cup is that the team should play well. To establish themselves as a good team. Able to earn respect from everyone. Everyone should respect. In ODIs, the way everyone brings us into the equation, just to get to that point.

And the cricket that we played in the last one-two years before the US tour, at least that game. I will not say we will play semi-final or final. I think that would be asking too much. But it is very important that we play well. The way Afghanistan played in the last World Cup, we should play with the aim of getting to that level.

Jago News: Bangladesh has reached a stage in ODI long ago. He could not go to that level in T20. Why?

Akram: To be honest, compared to the kind of facilities we enjoy and play T20 international matches regularly, our progress is much less. Performance should be better than what I do.

We are setting a standard in ODIs. We beat a lot of big teams on our day. We beat the big teams when they play a little poorly; But we cannot do that in T20 format. Even if our opponent plays badly, we cannot exploit it to win.

We cannot play with the attitude we should play with. Can’t play as a team. Although T20 is a game of 20 overs, it has roughly three parts. The first part is the power play of the first 6 overs. 6 overs what kind of table, strategy and plan to play, then 7 to 15 overs what target and the last 5 overs or what kind of table to bat, what will be the bowling plan at that time? That plan is not happening. Nothing is happening despite the plan.

Jago News: Why not? What do you like?

Akram Khan: With the facilities that the cricketers are getting now, they should play better. Our Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiq and Riyad may not have played very well as a team, which is unfortunate; But played very well in person. Everyone’s individual achievements, accomplishments and achievements are sufficient. Individually they have all established themselves as good players.

On average they have been playing in the national team since 2006-2007. It is fortunate that they have performed so well so far. That is their achievement. But no one could take their place like that. They have no rivals.

You see so many players in India but they cannot play in the national team for such a long time. Someone takes their place. Every year someone comes up; But in our team, there are very few performers who can take the place of Tamim, Shakib, Mushfiq and Riyad. Because, personally our current generation of cricketers get various facilities from BCB; But the personal improvement did not happen. The cricketers could not improve themselves.

Jago News: How far can this Bangladesh team go in the World Cup?

Akram: If you observe the standard and culture of our country very well, then you will see that if we start well, we play well. And if the start is bad, I keep playing bad. That is, our beginning is very important. If we start well, we have a good playing record. So what will Bangladesh actually do in T20 World Cup, how far will it go? In searching for the answer to that question, I think that the beginning will depend on how far we will go.

This time the start of the US tour was not good. It’s a surprise that we lost a series to a team like USA before the World Cup. Which did not bode well at all. Gotta get out of here. The task will not be easy.

One is that it is not easy to come up from here and do well in a big event like the World Cup. But if we want to get past the first round and play the second round, we have to turn around from here and beat big teams like South Africa and Sri Lanka.