All those involved in MP Anna’s murder will be arrested: DB chief

DMP Additional Commissioner of Police (Detective) Mohammad Haroon Or Rasheed said that all those involved in the murder of Parliamentarian Anwarul Azim Anna will be brought under the law.

He said this in response to a question from reporters at his office on Minto Road on Saturday (June 8).

DB chief Haroon Or Rashid said, ‘We have three arrested in the murder of Anwarul Azim Anna. Two are arrested in India. Besides, all those who are involved in this murder will be brought under the law.

He said, ‘MP Anwarul Azim Anar’s daughter will go to Kolkata soon and give DNA sample.’

Haroon Or Rashid said, ‘We have arrested Kazi Kamal Ahmed Babu alias Gas Babu from Jhenaidah. Interrogating him, has not yet been formally arrested.’

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In response to a question about Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, he said, ‘Shaheen left Kathmandu via Dubai for the United States. We have informed the Indian police about Shaheen. Shaheen is most wanted by Indian police. Besides, I have sent all the information through NCB of Bangladesh Police. NCB informed Interpol. Besides, I will talk to the US Embassy in Bangladesh.’

The DB chief also said, ‘Siam and Jihad are (arrested) in the hands of Calcutta police. Siam and Jihad know about Anar’s murder and disappearance of the body. A campaign with these two can get good results. If necessary, we will also interrogate Siam.’

In response to the question whether the Indian police can take the three people who are under arrest in the hands of the DB for the purpose of investigation, Haroon Or Rashid said, ‘Indian police will talk to our higher authorities if necessary. If we think it necessary, we will talk to the higher authorities and interrogate them (the accused arrested in India). When we went to India, we went with the permission of higher authorities.’