All three referees in the Brazil-Uruguay match are Argentine

Uruguay will face Brazil in the quarter-finals of the Copa America. The toughest battle of this year’s copper quarter will be held tomorrow Sunday. In the meantime, South American Football Governing Body (CONMABLE) has announced the names of referees for this high voltage match.

According to the list of match officials published by Conmable, there are 3 referees from Argentina. Dario Herrera will serve as the main referee. His assistants will be Juan Bellatti and Cristian Navarro. Mexico’s Guillermo Paseco will be in charge of VAR.

Salvador’s Ivan Barton will be the fourth referee and Nicaragua’s Henry Pupiro will be the fifth referee.

In the match against Brazil, many criticisms have started due to the assignment of the referee of the arch-rival Argentina. Many Brazil fans hurled criticism at Conmable. They claim that the Argentinian referees will decide against Brazil.

Before this, Brazil was not awarded a penalty against Colombia in the group stage match. Conmable later admitted their mistake in a video message. The main referee of that match was Venezuelan. Argentinian Mauro Vigliano was responsible for VAR.

If Brazil had been given that penalty in the match against Colombia, maybe Brazil would have won that match. Even though they drew 1-1 in that match, Selesaora confirmed the quarter final.