Allegation of usurpation by going to the executive position of the committee without being a member

It has been alleged that 5 influential people including Mofizur Rahman, a member of Shimulia Union Parishad (UP) of Jhikargacha Upazila of Jessore, are occupying the Shimulia baord bhog by taking over the position of Fishermen’s Cooperative Society through fraud. On Tuesday (July 2), 17 members of the association submitted a written complaint to the District Cooperative Officer demanding the cancellation of the executive committee formed through fraud and the dismissal of fake members.

Among the complainants, fisherman Hashem Ali said that a few influential people led by current UP member Mofizur Rahman and former UP member Abul Kalam are taking over the position of the executive committee of the association through fraud. Real fishermen are not allowed to land there. That committee does not give any account of the income and expenditure of Baur.

The members said that we ordinary members cannot know how the executive committee is being formed. The current 9-member executive committee president Abul Kalam and general secretary Mofizur Rahman, vice president Anarul Islam, executive members Khalid Mosarof and Abdul Hamid are not general members of the association. They became members by adding their own name by rubbing other’s name in the membership list.

When asked about this, Mofizur Rahman, general secretary of the association and member of Ward No. 5 of Shimulia Union Parishad, said that all their allegations are false. Fraudulent membership is not allowed. He inquired with the co-operative officers whether we had committed fraud.

When asked about the complaint, Jessore District Cooperative Officer SM Manjurul Haque said, I have received a complaint written by the general members of the cooperative society. Further action will be taken after investigation.

According to the complaint signed by 10 percent general members of the association including fishermen Islail Hossain, Samchur Rahman, Kashem Ali, Shimulia Fishermen Cooperative Society Limited was formed in 1982. According to the latest audit report and voter list update in the financial year 2022-2023, the general membership of the association is 142 people. Although there are no names in the list of these 142 members, through fraud, the influential circle has grabbed 5 positions including the president of the executive committee of 9 members and the general secretary.

According to the latest voter list or member list of the association, the 115th member is the son of Takkel Biswas of Shimulia village. Abul Kalam However, the present president Dabigdar, former UP member Abul Kalam, son of Daud Moral of Gopinathpur village, has fraudulently placed his name in place of his membership. Even though he is not an ordinary member of the association, how he became the president of the committee, the ordinary members do not know.

Mofizur Rahman, son of Rajab Ali of Shimulia village, is the 135th member of the voter list. However, the present editor Dabigar, son of Ayanal Biswas of Azampur village and current member of UP, has fraudulently placed his name in place of his membership. Mofizur Rahman.

The general secretary claimed. Mofizur Rahman is not an ordinary member. The name of vice-president claimant Anarul Islam has been replaced by tampering (the member’s name is written by hand) in the place of the 90th member of the voter list. Which is evident in voter list or membership list.

Tampering (deleting the name of the member by hand writing) in the place of the 33rd member of the voter list. Khalid Musharraf’s name has been fixed. which is evident in the voter list/membership list. Even though he is not an ordinary member, the circle has fraudulently appointed him to the post of executive committee.

The total number of members in the latest voter list of the association is 142. In this list. Abdul Hamid is not named. Yet he is shown as a member of the executive committee.

According to the complaint, five members of the executive committee are not ordinary members of the association. However, they showed the election of the executive committee by forging their names, father’s name, address and photo in place of the names of real members in the voter list or member list with pictures, which is completely illegal. The power of the association has been undermined in an undemocratic process by abusing power with the connivance of a few members by concealing information from genuine members. Ordinary members are being deprived of their rights due to the activities of these illegal executive committee members. As a result, an application has been made to cancel the illegal executive committee and retrench the fake members.

Milan Rahman/FA/JIM