An account of the damage in Rimal will be handed over to the Prime Minister tomorrow

State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief said that the calculation of the total damage of Cyclone Rimal will be handed over to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina tomorrow Thursday. Mohibbur Rahman.

The state minister said this in response to a question from journalists at the ‘BSRF Dialogue’ program at the media center of the Secretariat on Wednesday (June 13). The dialogue was organized by the Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters Forum (BSRF).

Stating that an inter-ministerial meeting was held yesterday to assess the overall damage, the state minister said, “This is the first initiative to collect all the damage caused by the cyclone and give it to the honorable Prime Minister.” I will fully prepare the damage done to all the ministries of the country by today and hand it over to the honorable Prime Minister tomorrow.

He said, ‘This time the most damage has been done to the embankment. Coastal fisheries have also suffered huge losses. Fish cages worth billions of rupees have been destroyed. Many embankments have been destroyed in the cyclone, roads have been destroyed, houses have been destroyed.’

Disaster State Minister said, ‘I have got about 90 percent of the account. I will get the rest today. I will give the account of the damage to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, so that he can implement it properly. So that the honorable Prime Minister can do all the work properly.’

When asked how much the 90 percent loss is in rupees, the state minister said, till yesterday I saw that an account of 7000 crore rupees has come to me.

BSRF President Fasih Uddin Mahtab presided over the dialogue conducted by General Secretary Masudul Haque.