Ansar commander sacked for taking bribe

Ansar Company Commander Shamsul Islam has been dismissed from Madan Upazila of Netrakona for accepting bribes, misbehaving with senior officers and insulting the investigation committee. Ansar and Village Defense Force Netrakona District Commandant Golam Moula Tuhin confirmed the information on Friday (July 5). Earlier on June 23, Shamsul Alam was sacked by an office order signed by District Commandant Golam Maula Tuhin.

According to the dismissal order letter and the office of the victim and the district Ansar officer, Shamchul Islam, the company commander of the Upazila Ansar, took abuse from various people for talking about giving the responsibility to Ansar members in Madan Upazila Parishad elections. But according to his list, many members were not given responsibility.

Shamchul abused upazila Ansar VDP official Rimi Ferdausi. On May 5, Shamchul entered the office and insulted the female officer. At one point, he threatened to beat up the officer. Rimi Ferdowsi, an Ansar officer, protected himself by locking the office door.

In this incident, the Upazila Ansar VDP officer Rimi Ferdausi made a written complaint to the Netrakona District Commandant that afternoon.

In view of the complaint, the district commandant formed a three-member investigation committee. Later, the head of the investigation committee, Assistant District Commandant Mohammad Abdus Samad, along with two other members, went to Madan Upazila Ansar VDP office for investigation on May 26.

On that day, the Upazila Ansar Company Commander Shamchul Islam tore the documents in front of the investigation committee and insulted all the members of the committee.

At one point, the investigation committee member also attacked the car in which he came. Apart from this, in 2008, company commander Shamchul Islam upazila Ansar VDP officer was assaulted, there are various charges against him including breaking the discipline of the force.

Ansar company commander Shamshul Islam was fired after submitting the investigation report on these allegations.

When asked about this, sacked Ansar commander Shamshul Islam could not be contacted as his mobile phone was switched off.

Golam Maula Tuhin, Netrakona District Commandant of Ansar and Village Defense Forces, said that Company Commander Shamchul Islam was dismissed as all the allegations were proved in the investigation. Further action against him is pending.