As soon as the new code of conduct is finalized, revisions will be the strategy of reformation

Cabinet Secretary said that the new rules are being finalized by quickly updating the 1979 government employee conduct rules. Mahbub Hossain. At the same time, he said that the reform strategy of 2012 is being revised.

The cabinet secretary told reporters after the secretarial meeting at the secretariat on Thursday (July 4). The secretary meeting which started around 4:30 PM ended at 6:45 PM.

The Cabinet Secretary said, when the Prime Minister held the first secretarial meeting, an instruction came to us that we should hold at least two secretarial meetings a year. Accordingly, we calculated that we will hold a secretarial meeting in July. We were preparing from the first week of June, we wrote letters to various ministries in the first week of June to know the implementation progress of the first meeting. We held today’s meeting in view of that.

In the meeting, the progress of the implementation of the last meeting was discussed, he said, we have discussed some issues of purity. Budget implementation and election manifesto were also discussed.

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“Furthermore, the meeting suggested that the instructions given by the Prime Minister from time to time should be carefully and seriously followed in some of our official works.”

When asked whether there was any special instruction or discussion about the reformation in the meeting, he said, we have discussed, the reformation strategy that we have has been around for 12 years. We are thinking of updating it now. There was a discussion about that.

Mahbub Hossain said that there was a discussion about updating the Government Servants (Conduct) Rules of 1979, said that it was discussed that we had a code of conduct of 1979, the process of updating it was going on. We know what his progress is. Hope it will be finalized soon.

Earlier also it was said to update this rule. Regarding when it will be finalized, the Cabinet Secretary said, I have been informed that it will be finalized soon. Hope it will be soon.

According to the ‘Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1979’ there are rules for filing asset statements of government servants after five years and seeking permission to acquire or sell immovable property. But the government is not implementing the rules. The High Court has directed to take account of the assets of government employees by implementing this rule.

When asked whether there was any discussion about the corruption of government officials, the information about the corruption of some officials or former officials has come to the fore, the Cabinet Secretary said no. I did not discuss anything specific. We will not discuss such matters with so many secretaries.

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The secretaries will control the ministries – when he drew attention to this, he said, yes. But we will not discuss the misdeeds of one or two people or any complaint by calling so many secretaries. This is very normal.

When asked if there was any such discussion, the image of government officials is damaged, Mahbub Hossain said no. There was no such discussion.

He also said that what we usually do is the transparency of budget implementation. We have said that the subordinate offices from where people are served, that service should be given properly. That work should be strictly monitored. If people have any complaints they should be taken very seriously.