As workers cannot go, action will be taken against those responsible

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that action will be taken against those responsible for Bangladeshi workers not being able to go to Malaysia.

On Wednesday (June 5), the head of government said this in response to a supplementary question by opposition chief whip and general secretary of the Jatiya Party Mujibul Haque Chunnu. Speaker Shireen Sharmin Chowdhury chaired the session.

Mujibul Haque Chunnu’s supplementary question – who wants to know about the failure to send people to Malaysia within a certain period. In response, the Prime Minister said, going for employment is a normal matter. Many continue. The issue of sending workers to Malaysia is being investigated. Action will be taken against those responsible in this incident.

Highlighting the government’s cooperation in foreign employment, the Prime Minister said, some people do it through brokers, they want to go through brokers. Going into trouble. This creates a problem.

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Mentioning that the government had launched a special flight to send workers to Malaysia, the chief minister said, the special flight was combined with other flights and everyone was sent. But many are left out. The reason for the omission is being investigated.

He said, whenever we discuss and decide how many people will go, how they will go. It is then seen that a class of people in our country, who deal in manpower, try to send people in haste. Some people from Malaysia are also connected with them. This causes complications. Every time the government negotiates a solution. Then some people leave, creating an unusual situation. Those who go there are not good at work, the job is not good, the salary is not good, they are in danger when they go there. This happens not only in Malaysia, but in many places.

Time and again I have told the countrymen that there is no need to spend lakhs of rupees by selling land and houses. Pravasi Kalyan Bank can take loan if required. Loans are given without collateral in case of need. There he has to specify whether the job he is going to is specific, if so he can take a loan from the bank.

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The head of government said, still there are some people in our country, who will go first, sell all the houses and books and then sit on the road. Or if he goes there, he is in danger. I told everyone not to go like this. There is no danger if the rules are followed. We are looking into the problem, if anyone is responsible, action will be taken.

To the supplementary question of Feni-1 Constituency Member of Parliament Alauddin Ahmed Chowdhury, the Prime Minister said that BNP leader Khaleda Zia was repeatedly elected from Feni. He stopped the project taken by the Awami League government in Feni after coming to power in 2001. Khaleda Zia did not take any initiative for the development of her area. When Awami League came to power, Feni was properly developed.

He said, since Feni is the constituency of Khaleda Zia, there was always a hostile atmosphere here. They never wanted there to be a monument of liberation war, Bangabandhu or his family’s name. The Bangabandhu Memorial Trust has decided not to do anything in the name of Bangabandhu or my family. If you want to do something, you have to take the assumption of trust. A decision will be taken after verifying whether there will be any university or textile university named after Bangabandhu in Feni.