At the top of air pollution today is Uganda’s Kampala, Dhaka is 12th

Kampala, Uganda is at the top of air pollution today. On the other hand, the capital Dhaka ranks 12th in terms of pollution levels. On Saturday (July 6) around 9 o’clock in the morning, the Air Quality Index (IQAIR) index of the air quality monitoring organization revealed these data.

Kampala tops the list with a pollution score of 179, meaning its air quality is unhealthy. Congo’s Kinshasa is in second place. The pollution score of this city is 174 which means that the air quality is also unhealthy. At the same time, air quality in Kuwait City is unhealthy.

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The capital Dhaka is number 12 in the list of air pollution. Dhaka’s air pollution score is 92 which means the air quality here is moderate or good quality. At the same time, the air quality of Karachi, Pakistan and Delhi, India are also moderate or good.