‘Automatic video case’ for road irregularities

E-trafficking is starting in Dhaka metropolitan area. The traffic department of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has ordered to file a video case in case of obstruction of order on the road, disruption of traffic order by violating existing laws and offenses related to driving license.

In the case of video prosecution, appropriate evidence including CCTV camera footage, camera footage, bodyworn camera footage and video footage obtained from other sources can be used in the video prosecution. Captured video will be analyzed automatically.

Thursday (June 13) additional commissioner (traffic) of DMP. A memorial letter signed by Monibur Rahman has been issued. Every traffic department has been instructed to take appropriate action in this regard.

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In the letter, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Traffic-Ramana, Traffic-Motijheel, Traffic-Warri, Traffic-Lalbagh, Traffic-Tezgaon, Traffic-Mirpur, Traffic-Gulshan and Traffic-Uttara Divisions in DMP’s e-traffic prosecution system and prosecution against driving license. This new instruction is given in the context of giving.

It has been said that the DMP Commissioner has given instructions to provide prosecution against the video footage and pictures captured by the cameras of the respective traffic department in the e-traffic prosecution system of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. In light of that directive, two tabs named E-Traffic Software Video Prosecution Entry and Video Prosecution View have been added. Prosecution letter will be printed automatically based on the information input in those two tabs.

The letter also states that in case of video prosecution, CCTV camera footage, video captured by camera, bodyworn camera footage and video footage obtained from other sources can be used to provide appropriate evidence for video prosecution.

It is said in the letter, according to DMP Ordinance section 102, the production of the owner or driver of the prosecution vehicle and according to the Road Transport Act-2018 and Road Transport Rules-2022, the authorities have a system to file and settle cases automatically for offenses related to motor vehicles and driving licences.

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In light of the directive, there is a provision of prosecution against driving license on pause device. In such a situation, the e-traffic prosecution system of DMP is requested to take necessary steps to provide video prosecution and prosecution against driving license.

In this regard, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Munibur Rahman told Jago News that this decision was made before the Corona period. Traffic on the road was limited due to Corona. Many decisions could not be implemented due to the National Purity Policy in Corona. Now the DMP Commissioner has given instructions to implement that decision. We asked to prepare. Traffic departments will also conduct field reviews. Let’s see that this instruction will be implemented as soon as possible.