Awami League leader Gas Babu transferred to Jhenaidah jail

According to the direction of the court, Kazi Kamal Ahmed Babu alias Gas Babu, the relief and social welfare secretary of Jhenaidah District Awami League, arrested in connection with the murder of MP Anwarul Azim Anna, has been sent to Jhenaidah District Jail.

He was sent to the district jail at 3.45 pm on Tuesday (June 25).

Confirming the matter, Mohiuddin Haider of Jhenaidah District Jail said, ‘We have understood Kazi Kamal Ahmed Babu. He was sent here by police van from Kashimpur Central Jail Part-II of Gazipur as per the instructions of Dhaka CMM Court. He was sent to prison at quarter past 4.’

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  • The DB team is going to Jhenaidah to recover the mobile phone of Gas Babu which was thrown in the pond

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the transfer of Jhenaidah District Jail to Gas Babu, the security system has been strengthened at the main gate of the jail. Senior officials of the district police were present. Gas Babu was brought to a prison van of Gazipur Metropolitan Police through protocol at 3:45 pm. Then the vehicles entered the district jail one by one. When the journalists went to take pictures and videos, they were not allowed to move forward. Later the car returned after handing Gas Babu to Jhenaidah Jail.

It is said that an operation can be conducted to recover the mobile phone and evidence of Gas Babu at any time.

Abdullah Al Masood/SR/ASM