Baby Sowad could not be saved even after taking to two hospitals

A child died of snake bite in Daulatpur of Kushtia. His name is Swaad Islam (5). He is the son of Sukh Chad of Daulatkhali Chowpara village of Daulatpur union of upazila.

Daulatpur Union Parishad Chairman Mohiuddin Mahi told the locals that Swaad was sleeping with his parents. Something bit Swaad in his sleep early Wednesday morning. When he screamed, the parents woke up and saw a black cute snake nearby. Then the child’s father Sukh Chand killed the snake with Hasua.

After that Swaad was taken to Daulatpur Hospital and from there he was sent to Kushtia General Hospital. The child died around 10 am on Thursday while being treated there.

Baby Sowad could not be saved even after taking to two hospitals

Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Dr. Kushtia General Hospital. Tapas Kumar Sarkar said, treatment of the child started as soon as he arrived at the hospital. Antivenom was being administered. But he died while undergoing treatment. He could not be saved due to delay in bringing him to the hospital.

Earlier, on August 24 last year, Ayesha Khatun (25) and her 7-month-old daughter Nusrat Jahan were bitten by a Kalach snake while they were sleeping in Bhabanipur area of ​​Kanchanpur Union of Kushtia Sadar Upazila.

Al-Ma’mun Sagar/ZH/GKS