Bakribi students protest against quota restoration

The students of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAKRBI) protested against the restoration of quota of freedom fighters in first and second class government jobs.

On Tuesday (June 10) at 12 noon, the students protested in front of the open stage of Zainul Abedin Auditorium of the university.

Bakribi students protest against quota restoration

The students who came to the movement said, if we separate the word liberation war, we only get liberation, but we don’t see discrimination anywhere. Even after so many years of independence, if a new quota discrimination is created, it is in conflict with the spirit of our liberation war. We feel that the social, political and economic emancipation of Bengalis achieved through nine months of bloody war has today been tarnished by creating discrimination through quotas.

They also said that quota is basically a means of realizing the rights of backward communities. But if you notice, it will be seen that among those who are currently under the quota benefits, except for the disabled and tribals, no one falls under the category of backward communities. So now is the time to stand against this discrimination. They also warned of continuous agitation if the demand is not accepted.

During this time, they raised anti-quota slogans such as ‘Let the quota system die, the meritorious should be freed’, ‘There is no room for discrimination in Bangabandhu’s Bengal’, ‘Sara Bangla Khabar De, Kota Pratha Kabar De’ etc.

Bakribi students protest against quota restoration

Participating in the protest, student Noor-e-Hafiza said that a qualified candidate should be given a chance in first class jobs in Bangladesh. Because a competent public servant can move the country forward in the same way an incompetent person cannot and will destroy the country very quickly. A country that does not give proper respect to merit will soon become meritless. Even after so many years of independence, so much discrimination that we have to take to the streets to claim our rights can’t be more shameful than this.

Morshedul Islam Mishu, a student of veterinary faculty, said that in 2018, when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina canceled the quota system, ordinary students started to see the light. However, as a result of the decision to declare the quota system valid, ordinary students are falling under a discrimination. We want everyone to enter the main driving force of the country on the basis of merit.

Asif Iqbal/NIB/GKS