Ban on talking to journalists without permission

The director of the hospital, Brigadier General Md., has issued a notice that the officers and employees working in Dhaka Medical College Hospital cannot give interviews or statements to the media without permission. Asaduzzaman.

He issued this notice on Tuesday (June 4). The notice came to light on Saturday (June 8).

Brigadier General Md. The notice signed by Asaduzzaman says that for the information of all concerned, officials and employees working in the hospital have been requested to refrain from giving interviews or statements without the permission of the authorities.

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Copies of this notice have been sent to various departments of DMK, including the Director General of the Directorate of Health and the Principal of Dhaka Medical.

On the day of issue of this notice on June 4, a complaint of theft of a newborn was raised from Dhaka Medical. In that incident, the victim’s father filed a case at a Shahbag police station. However, DMK hospital director did not talk to the journalists in front of the camera.

Qazi Al-Amin/EA/JIM