Bandarnagari No. 2 Gate Road Blockade Chabi Students

The students of Chittagong University (CHB) have blocked one of the most important Gate No. 2 junctions in Chittagong, demanding the abolition of quota system and maintenance of merit-based recruitment circulars. The hour-long siege brought the entire city to a standstill.

On Saturday (July 6) at 5 pm, students gathered at the city’s Sholshahar station. Later, he took a procession and stayed for an hour at Gate No. 2 intersection. Apart from Chittagong University, students from Chittagong College, Mohsin College, City College and other colleges of Chittagong joined there.

During this time thousands of students said, ‘Give news to the whole of Bengal, bury the quota system, merit or quota? Merit-merit, the cry of the talented, no more, no more, against the quota – we will fight together, in Bangabandhu’s Bengal, there is no room for discrimination, Chabi is coming, the streets are shaking, quota discrimination, don’t accept, don’t accept, the tool of eighteen, let it roar once more, 71 Various slogans are heard along with its tools, let it roar again.

Demand cancellation of quota, blockade of Gate No. 2 road of the port city

The students are steadfast in their four demands. He announced that the movement will continue until this demand is implemented.

Jewel Rana, a Master’s student of the Faculty of Law, said, ‘I have been dreaming of becoming a judge for a long time. But now the biggest obstacle seems to be this quota. The surprising thing is that even though the entire country is protesting for the withdrawal of the quota system, the government is not budging. Our demand is clear. I will not leave the field until the demand is met.

Mohsin College student Niaz Mahmud said, now we are supposed to be at the reading table. But I had to take to the streets for my rights. Once I have come down, I will not leave the field until the demand is met. Quota is gross discrimination with ordinary students. Discrimination will not be allowed to be sustained by using the name of the war to end the discrimination.

Ahmed Junaid/AH/JIM