Banvasira trying to stand up by clapping in the broken house

The overall flood situation has improved in Sunamganj. River water is decreasing. Especially in Sunamganj the water of Surma river is flowing 15 cm below the flood line. However, despite the improvement in the flood situation in Bhatir district, the people of Banvasi are worried about how to overcome the flood damage.

Several upazilas including Tahirpur, Doarabazar, Chatak, Biswambharpur and other upazilas have suffered extensive damage to houses due to floodwaters. The flow of water was so great that some people left their houses and furniture and rushed to the shelters, while many people risked their lives and spent their days in captivity in the water trapped by the mud.

However, the flood situation in Sunamganj has improved The Banvasi people of the lower areas have been freed from the water-logged situation. However, there has been extensive damage to houses in Bhatir district due to the flood People are now returning from shelters and renovating the broken houses.

Banvasira trying to stand up by clapping in the broken house

Manor Ali, a resident of Tahirpur upazila, said, “My house was destroyed by the torrential water.” The furniture was washed away. But there is no money to repair the house or buy furniture. So I am fixing the broken house somehow.

Abdul Hai, a resident of Doarabazar upazila, said that houses in the lower areas of Sunamganj were severely damaged due to two rounds of floods. Now everyone is fixing the houses somehow by clapping.

Banvasira trying to stand up by clapping in the broken house

Shahinur, a resident of Chatak Upazila, said that our situation is very bad due to two floods. Houses were the most damaged in the floods. But I don’t know exactly when I will get government assistance to repair the house. I can turn around if I get quick help.

Deputy Commissioner of Sunamganj Rashed Iqbal Chowdhury said that the list of flood victims is being prepared. But the Banvasi people will be assisted to re-establish themselves.

Lipson Ahmed/FA/ASM