BCS Written Preparation: International Affairs

BCS Written International Affairs 100 Marks Exam is fairly big syllabus. However, the preparation of this subject becomes much easier by adopting the necessary techniques. Md. recommended in the 43rd BCS agriculture cadre for the preparation and important advice of international affairs. Imam Hussain Jyoti—

International affairs is a fundamental subject. You will get opportunity to use all your thinking, reasoning in written international subjects. To prepare International Affairs 100 marks you need to divide the subject into 3 parts. All 3 parts complement each other for proper preparation.

First part (40 numbers)

Conceptual Topics: This section will ask you for specific information on various fundamental topics. Definitions, Principles, Differences, Structures will be sought. If you don’t have ideas, you can’t answer such questions with logic, ideas. Cognitive, perceptual issues belong to this section. In this part, the question comes on the basic foundations of world politics. In the books available in the market, each subject is divided chapter wise like world politics, economy, climate, fundamentals etc.

Preparation of this part

1. Have a clear understanding of the subject.
2. Read past questions from books available in the market.
3. Read the basics from expert books.
4. Stay informed about contemporary world politics through newspapers and news.
5. Definitions along with examples, expert quotes are important in this section.
6. In the Uncommon part you can write speculative text immediately; When a lot is known. So there is no alternative to know.

Second part (60 numbers)

In the empirical and problem solving part of number 60, you can assert your skills, knowledge and ideas with justification. He needs to know a lot of information. Although there are 7 chapters in the aspirical part, the questions are on important international issues. Global conflicts, events, impacts, problems have to be written in detail. Number 45 will get enough time to present itself to the maximum.

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Preparation of this part

1. Daily reading international editorials, watching news. Knowing the interests, conflicts in the current world politics of every important country.
2. Understand the world map A to Z and know the geopolitics of important countries.
3. Reading notes on contemporary issues such as war, conflicts, treaties, observations, interpretations, outcomes etc.
4. To know about the origin, development, functioning and reforms of various international organizations.
5. Quotations, announcements, context notes of important people in the wake of events on the world stage with references to read.
6. Making reference to, applying provisions of international law. For this, besides listening to the news, the written editorial guide book of the market is sufficient.

problem solving

There are 15 numbers in this part. Here you can ask for a solution to a problem related to Bangladesh or a solution to a problem of global politics.

Preparation of this part

1. The position of Bangladesh in international politics should be known. Know about problems, benefits and future.
2. To solve the problem, experts, government, constitution, surrounding opinion should be known, analysis should be noted.
3. If you have an idea of ​​your own, make an explanation of it, of course with the necessary sources.
4. Quotations, maps and references must be used in every recommendation.
5. Note down the current problems of the country, future interests, solutions to past failures and successes.
6. Blue ink, pencil should be used as necessary.
7. Pay attention to time.

International subjects seems to be a big syllabus, but with preliminary reading revision for the conceptual part and updates on contemporary subjects in the remaining two parts, preparation for 100 marks will be done quickly. Apart from this, many popular books available in the market will help in preparation.