Beltola mango market is hot

Jessore’s Sharsha’s Beltala mango market is crowded. In the beginning, when Govindbhoga, Gopalbhoga, Golapkhas and Antti mangoes came in the market, the mango market was normal. But after Cyclone Rimal, the mango market is on fire.

Himsagar mangoes are being sold from Tk 1,800 to Tk 4,500, Langra mango at Tk 1,700 to Tk 3,300, Amrapali at Tk 1,100 to Tk 2,600.

Beltola mango market is hot

It has been found out that mango laying started at the beginning of May this year. However, before Cyclone Rimal, prices were high due to the high supply of mangoes in the market. However, the price of mangoes has increased after Cyclone Rimal.

Mango farmers Azgar Ali and Ziarul of Tengra village in Sharsha said that the price of mangoes is high this time. So the profit will be double compared to last year.

Beltola mango market is hot

Sharsha Upazila Agriculture Officer Deepak Kumar said, mango farmers will benefit greatly. Because earlier they could not sell mangoes at such a high price.

He said that two tons of Langra and Himsagar mangoes have been exported from Sharsha Upazila in the current season.

Jamal Hussain/SR/ASM