Benny Gantz’s resignation from Israel’s wartime cabinet

Benny Gantz has announced his resignation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wartime cabinet.
The former defense minister is said to have resigned due to a dispute with Netanyahu. In a televised speech on Sunday local time, Gantz said, Netanyahu is preventing us from moving towards real victory. I am therefore resigning from the War Cabinet.

He called for early elections. Benny Gantz said there should be an election that will establish a government that will gain the trust of the people and be able to face challenges.

Benny Gantz said, I have called on Netanyahu to fix the election date. Just last month, he threatened to resign from Israel’s wartime cabinet. A wartime cabinet was formed last year to oversee the war situation in Gaza and make various decisions.

Meanwhile, regarding the protests against the Netanyahu-led government in Israel, Gantz said, “These protests are important, but they must be legal.” He said that such protests are important, but these protests need to be conducted in a legal manner and should not be encouraged in a violent spirit. We are not enemies of each other. Our enemies are beyond our borders.

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Meanwhile, in a social media post in response to Benny Gantz’s resignation, Netanyahu said, “Benny, it’s not time to leave this campaign, it’s time to join our forces.” On the other hand, in a post on social media, opposition leader Yar Lapid supported Gantz’s decision as important and correct.