Blockade at Chankharpul intersection demanding cancellation of quota

Students are protesting to cancel the quota in government jobs and reinstate the notification given in 2018 and demand merit-based recruitment. As a part of this, the students of Dhaka University and Sheikh Borhanuddin Post Graduate College blocked the Chankharpul intersection of the capital.

They blocked the Chankharpul intersection at 3:30 pm on Sunday (July 7). Later they blocked the road between Dhaka Medical College and Sheikh Hasina National Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute.

Students blockade Chankharpul intersection

The students said that they blocked the road as part of the Bangla blockade programme. They said that the movement will continue until the demands are met.

Farhan Nasir, a student of Dhaka University, said that a decision was made to deprive the talented in a country. It’s a shame for us. We want students to be recruited in government jobs based on merit. We do not want to see any kind of discrimination. I will not accept discrimination in independent Bangladesh.

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Mayor Mohammad Hanif flyover saw long traffic jams as Chankharpul junction was blocked. Apart from this, ordinary people were seen walking to their destination after getting down from the car.

Meanwhile, the protesting students have blocked Shahbagh intersection for the fifth day. Students laid siege to Shahbagh at 3:55 pm on Sunday.