BNP could not involve the people in Khaleda’s liberation movement

Awami League General and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Secretary Obaidul Quader commented that BNP could never involve the people in Khaleda Zia’s liberation movement.

He said that BNP has been campaigning for Khaleda Zia’s release for the past few years. But there is no involvement of people in that movement. BNP is trying to make a non-political issue a political issue without prioritizing the issue related to the interest of the people.

He said these things in a statement on Thursday (July 4). He condemned and protested the false and politically motivated statements of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir published in the media.

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Awami League general secretary said that lies and propaganda have become the only political tools of BNP. BNP has been repeatedly rejected by the people as their lies and propaganda have been exposed to the public. They are also lying about Khaleda Zia’s physical condition.

Khaleda Zia has returned home after treatment. His release is not a political issue. This is a legal matter. “BNP is trying to make the matter a political issue without dealing with the legal process,” he added.

Regarding the movement of the party, Obaidul Quader said that whenever BNP enters the field with the so-called movement, they activate their terrorists and cadres. BNP tries to give shelter to terrorists and cadres in the name of movement. And if legal action is taken against these terrorists, BNP leaders spread confusion through lies and propaganda.

In the statement, he said, Awami League never came to power in an unconstitutional and undemocratic way. Awami League has always come to power with the mandate of the people in the democratic process. Awami League formed the government under the leadership of People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina through the 12th National Parliament elections on January 7.

‘BNP and its allies have always been active in obstructing the democratic and constitutional process of the country. This is the born political legacy of BNP. Because, a party established by a military dictatorship that seized state power in illegal and unconstitutional ways can never respect democratic values. If BNP had been able to agitate in the democratic process or if they could have increased public participation in their agitation, then they would have shown honest courage to participate in the elections. Due to lack of that, BNP has always chosen the path of terror and violence.

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Awami League General Secretary issued a warning and said, “We strongly want to say that the law and order forces will take strict action against those who will try to incite terrorism and violence to disrupt the democratic process.”

He said, BNP could never become a democratic political party. Their position is always at the opposite pole of democratic values. As BNP and their allies do not change their ideological position, the solution to the crisis in our democratic politics is difficult.

Obaidul Quader called upon all those who believe in the ideals and democratic spirit of the Great Liberation War to stand united under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina to face this crisis.