BNP entered the quota and teachers’ movement after failing

Awami League’s joint general secretary and foreign minister commented that the BNP has failed in the movement and entered the movement of students and teachers with quotas and universal pension. Hasan Mahmud.

He said, they have no power to do their own movement. Those who have nothing to do are parasites. BNP has now transformed into a parasitic political party. Students are agitating about quota, BNP has entered there. Teachers are agitating for pension, BNP has entered there.

He said all this at a discussion meeting organized at the National Press Club on Thursday (July 4).

He said, BNP is now haunted by many fears. When the last name goes! After midnight in the morning suddenly saw, I am not in the party position! Many call it Tarek Bhoot.

Our government canceled the quota system in view of the demands of the students. The government did not reinstate that quota system, the court ruled. Courts are independent in Bangladesh, the Supreme Court has ruled. The movement must be against the court? Because the government did not cancel. The solution has to be done through the courts, otherwise there will be contempt of court’.

Dr. Hasan said, those who are trying to confuse the people by entering here, their efforts will not be successful.

Mentioning universal pension as an excellent system, the foreign minister said that even a day laborer would come under this pension system. Now only those who work in government or autonomous or semi-government organizations are covered under the pension system. Government has announced special incentives for low income people. Perhaps there is a lack of understanding here, today the teacher leaders will sit with our education minister and others. Hopefully, the misunderstanding will be cleared up after that.