BNP is spreading hatred against India, not transit

Transit transhipment is very common in regional connectivity. Different types of negative statements are being presented in various media and social media regarding Bangladesh-India transit. The Secretary General of BNP has even complained that the country has been sold. Common people who are criticizing, many of them are not understanding. But one group is deliberately spreading false information.

Even those doing non-propaganda themselves do not know what kind of compromise can or should be made with a neighboring state. In the current era of globalization, one country can easily communicate with other countries. If we think a little deeper and positively, it can be seen that the Memorandum of Understanding signed with India on transit is a decision that advances the current global economic reality.

Critics say that Indian trains will run through Bangladesh; But Bangladesh trains will also go through India to Nepal and Bhutan. But no one is trying to highlight this issue. If we analyze one step further, this agreement can be one of the bargaining tools for Bangladesh in terms of diplomacy. It can be used as a ‘bargaining tool’ on various outstanding issues.

Connectivity with India is already there. By air and water. Even on land it has a different function. At one time the bus was not plying. Now that’s happening. Is it a lot of damage to Bangladesh? Rather, there have been gains in many aspects. In the context of global development, a consensual relationship can now be formed over land. At any time we talk about the culture of the developed countries of Europe, give examples. We ourselves want to take the country to the ranks of Europe. There have even been claims at various times that a global boundary of SAARC countries could be created. Where no land boundary will act as a major barrier. Many of us wish that the European model situation can be created in this region in the future.

To the critics, the big thing for Bangladesh now is that a route to Nepal and Bhutan has been made. Similarly, there is a way for those two countries to come to Bangladesh. As we know, China has a railway connectivity with Nepal. If that happens, people will be able to go to China from Bangladesh via Nepal through this train. Railways are now playing a major role in global connectivity. As a result, Bangladesh will be able to connect with Myanmar, Thailand and China along this route in the future.

The Secretary General of BNP said that India’s train will run through the chest of Bangladesh and he said that our country will be at risk of security. India will take arms through this line. But there is no such thing in the MoU. Rather, it is mentioned that nothing such as arms can be transported. The common people are being scared of an imagined risk.

Many even say that the country will be sold. But if a country is sold out by giving it transit facilities, are European countries sold out to each other? This free connectivity has played an important role in the recovery of Europe, which was almost destroyed in World War II, and where it is today. Not only that, but as a result, the security of European countries has become stronger.

The diplomatic policy of Bangladesh is friendship with all and enmity with none. Bangladesh-India have agreed to work on two integrated visions of ‘Digital Partnership’ and ‘Green Partnership’ for a sustainable future. This transit facility can play an important role in strengthening the country’s economy. So things have to be taken into logical consideration.

The statements that BNP is trying to mislead the common people is also a kind of wrong politics. It is necessary to talk about what more can be done to contribute to the development of the country as well as the global development without making political statements. But seeing the BNP’s vocalization, it seems that they are spreading anti-Indian hatred, not transit.

Author: Professor, Department of Political Science, Rajshahi University.